Winsight Episode 21: Recipe for Success

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If you’ve read business books, online articles or things of that nature you’ve heard inspiring stories of successful business ventures gone right. What you don’t realize is that represents about 1% of what business owners really experience. I mentioned in a prior episode that the fail rate for a first time business is 80%. Those are the statistics that don’t get publicized because it doesn’t “sell” well.

What you should really be taking a closer look at is a successful serial entrepreneur. Someone who has taken his/her formula and plugged it into several businesses over and over again with positive results. The business (or the product) gets the glory, but the recipe for success is actually the process repeated.

In this episode, I’ll share the following examples:

How Terry made the transition from real estate to restaurants seamlessly

What a special recipe and unique selling point have in common

How we think of businesses “backwards”

The role of a system and how it can transform your business

After listening to this episode, what ingredients are in your recipe for success? Has your focus on your dream changed? If so, how?

Winsight Episode 20: Artist vs. Producer

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Ever since I became a business owner, I assumed I had to do everything. I’m the coach, marketing department, sales team, operations director, etc. But recently I’ve been reading a book written by a friend called Dream Year and it made me rethink how I spend my time. Ben Arment, the author, poses the question: Are you the artist or the producer?

In this episode, I’ll share my insights that I’ve learned about:

  • The difference between an artist and producer
  • Which one you are suited more towards
  • The myth about chasing your dreams
  • What you need as your dream gets bigger

So which one are you: the artist or the producer? Who do you need to surround yourself with to accomplish your dreams? Please share your thoughts below!

Winsight Episode 19: Buffet Strategy

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Remember the last time you ate a buffet? Your first trip is laced with excitement seeing more things to try than your stomach can handle. You put several different kinds of food on your plate because you want to try the various tastes out. Some of the items you like, but some things you don’t. It’s the second and following visits back to the buffet where you weed out what’s good and what’s not. This experience is relatable to entrepreneurship. If you’re a current business owner or an aspiring one, listen up because the buffet strategy is important to you.

In this episode I will discuss:

  • Why serial entrepreneurs are better than one-time entrepreneurs
  • Why the “system” may matter more than the industry
  • What a buffet and entrepreneurship have in common
  • The one factor separating you from being a business owner

Are you a current or aspiring entrepreneur? (Who doesn’t want to be their own boss?) What do you know about entrepreneurship? What lessons have you learn through entrepreneurship? Please share your comments below!

Winsight Episode 18: What Growth Tastes Like

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Growth is necessary in order to succeed. If that’s a fact why doesn’t everyone want to grow? Answer: because it’s hard. Everyone wants to get rich quick, but not do the work to get there. We want to be in shape, but hate going to the gym and eating healthy. We want to have the best friends and relationships, but are quick to point out others’ flaws.

I can sit here and lecture you on how to grow, but that might be boring. Instead, let me focus in on another one of your senses that appeals to you, taste. Let’s face it. Some things will never taste good. Other things over time you build a tolerance for and you can actually trick your mind into thinking it actually isn’t half bad. Well, I’d like to think growth tastes like the second example I gave.

Let me explain the following in today’s episode:

  • How focusing on the benefits can override the pain involved to get there
  • The relationship of fear and growth
  • What a “green drink” has to do with growth
  • The 3 things you need to focus on in order to grow

So what does growth taste like to you? When have you experienced it before? Please share below because your stories inspire us!

Winsight Episode 17: Ambassador of Kwan

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Do you remember the scene in the movie Jerry Maguire where Rod Tidwell (played by Cuba Gooding Jr.) refers to Jerry (played by Tom Cruise, his agent), as his ambassador of Kwan? Well, I looked up the definition of Kwan on the internet and found it means: love, respect, community and money. These are all things Rod expected Jerry to provide for him.

The practical application for you and me is we need an ambassador of Kwan in our lives. In this episode, learn about the following concepts:

  • How you go about finding your own “agent”
  • The 2 types of networking you need to do
  • What smart people do and what you should be doing too!
  • The number of people you need in your network to succeed

So who’s your ambassador of Kwan? If you don’t have one, what qualities do you look for in finding that person? Please share your thoughts below!

Winsight Episode 16: No Risk, No Reward

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No risk, no reward is one of my favorite sayings. I first saw it on the back of someone’s shirt and even though I can’t recall what was on the front, this motto has stuck with me for a while now. It reminds me of Nike’s Just Do It, also one of my favorite brands.

There’s risk with EVERYTHING you do, so instead of overanalyzing things too much, try it. There is value in doing your research, being cautious and making financially sound decisions, BUT I’ve seen too many wasted opportunities lost because of hesitation. Conditions will never be perfect, someone will always oppose you and consequences are surely attached, YET you know what I fear almost more than anything else? Regret.

In this episode, we’ll discuss the following concepts:

The difference between dreaming and trying

Entrepreneurial risk vs. corporate risk

The Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hide reality of the unknown

What the movies “Along Came Polly” and “Tin Cup” can teach you about risk

What risks have you taken that have paid off for you? What risks have backfired, yet you still learned a valuable lesson from? Please share the “rewards” of being of risk-taker below:

Winsight Episode 15: Your Achilles Heel



Back in January of 2011 I suffered the worst injury of my athletic career: a torn Achilles. It didn’t actually hurt, but I had heard enough stories about what a torn Achilles felt like to know it wasn’t good. I sat down immediately on a bench and figured if I didn’t do something quick I might be stuck here for a while. So I got up, grabbed my stuff and headed to my car. With the help of a friend I drove home, rested and called my wife to tell her what happened. From there the story is about the process of healing and recovery where I learned so much. In this episode I’ll share details about this personal challenge illustrated through the following points:

  • What I did to aid the process, both physically and mentally
  • My response to the doctor’s prognosis and how that helped me
  • What I learned about myself through this ordeal
  • How to deal with your own Achilles heel injury (because it will happen)

What is your personal Achilles heel moment that you have faced? How did you deal with it? What did you learn from the process? I’d love to hear your stories and who knows? You story may be the words someone else reading this might need.

Winsight Episode 14: Habitual Wins

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Actions speak louder than goals. That’s the motto of an accountability app I use called irunurun. As a coach, goals are important. But you want to know a secret? It’s not really the goal itself that matters the most.

During this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The difference between goals and habits
  • Why I aim to network with people 3 times a week
  • Why habits are the foundation of fitness
  • The relationship with habits and successful people

What habits do you consistently do? What habits to you want to add to your arsenal? Please share in the comments below and maybe you’ll spark someone to create a successful habit because of you!


Winsight Episode 13: Morning Good

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How you start your day has a LOT to do with how productive you are. I’m not talking about working harder, but working smarter. Think life-hacking. This isn’t about shortcuts, but being efficient. The best way to do that is building the right habits from the time you get up.

If someone asked me what advice I’d give to aspiring entrepreneurs, I’d say: workout 3 – 5 times a week in the morning before you start work. In this episode, I’ll discuss the following evidence:

The real reason why working out in the morning trumps any other time of the day

How to work according to your “rhythm”

What entrepreneurs lose (besides a guaranteed paycheck) when leaving a corporate job

Who else is doing morning workouts and why you should to

Do you consider yourself a morning person? If so, what are the benefits? If not, does this episode alter your thinking? Please share your thoughts below!


Winsight Episode 12: Why I Coach

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I first experienced coaching as a client over 10 years ago. I met my coach, Jay Hostetler at a conference where we were in a program evaluation meeting and he was the speaker. Jay shared what changes needed to be done in order to get us to the next level. Even though no one else in the meeting agreed with him, I thought he was spot on. After the meeting, I approached him and asked him more about what he did. We agreed to touch base on the phone within a week and our working relationship started there.

Understanding my story is at the center of why I became a coach. During this episode I’ll share how my experiences can help YOU make the right career decisions in the following ways:

  • How the relationship between confidence and momentum are crucial to success
  • What coaching actually does for you
  • What the best performers in every industry utilize daily
  • How looking at your past can clarify your future

What did you want to grow up to be when you were a kid? Share how your childhood dreams can influence your future professional ambitions below!