Entrepreneur Trade Secrets [Infographic]

As an entrepreneur do you know what a trade secret is? This infographic below explains what a trade secret is and how the law can protect you.

In your business, your formula is your “secret sauce.” Once that information is stolen, your product/service is no longer proprietary. Trade secret laws also protect your “expression of ideas” that patents exclude.

Check out the examples of recent trade secrets exposed and the consequences handed down. Information is power and what you don’t know can hurt you!

Read up and know your rights as an entrepreneur!

Source: http://www.kellywarnerlaw.com
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Winsight Episode 34: Improving Your Public Speaking Skills

public speaking without using notes, memory palace


Think about the best public speakers you’ve heard. I bet their execution was flawless. They tell stories, speak with passion and beam with confidence. Public speaking still ranks as the #1 fear amongst adults, so if you improve your public speaking skills you stand out from the crowd. Every speaker has a style unique to them, but if there is one attribute that can bring your speaking game to the next level, it’s speaking without notes.

In this episode, learn the following ways to improve as a public speaker:

  • Why memorizing your speech is actually a bad thing
  • My method for plotting your next talk
  • The #1 benefit from speaking without using notes
  • The reason why public speaking is becoming even more of a game changer

After listening to this episode, what tips will you implement the next time you speak? Name your favorite speaker and what makes him/her memorable. How do you want to be remembered as a speaker?


Winsight Episode 33 – Don’t Follow Your Passion, Follow Your Effort

mark cuban, billionaire entrepreneur, shark tank, follow your effort


Billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban said, “Don’t follow your passion, follow your effort.” The first time I heard that quote it made me think. Everyone wants to do something they’re passionate about, but are they willing to do the work to turn a dream into reality?

In this episode learn from the following examples:

  • The gap between inspiration and action
  • The payoff of being disciplined isn’t always money
  • Why you can’t always depend on passion
  • What trait all successful entrepreneurs share

After hearing this episode how does it change your opinion about passion vs. effort? What are you both passionate about and willing to do the work on?

Winsight Episode #32 – Obsessed w/ Efficiency

efficiency, work smarter not harder, 4 hour workweek, obsessed with efficiency, saving time


I have a confession. I’m obsessed with efficiency. I’ve always been a planner. I think about time constantly and when it comes to doing anything…I want to know how to do it smarter, not harder. I don’t mind working hard, but if I can figure out a way to do it faster and better I will.

In this episode I’ll share time saving techniques in the following areas:

  • How your smartphone can put you on auto-pilot
  • What system is essential to be a master networker
  • The difference between habits and goals
  • Why working smarter beats working harder

What do you do efficiently? In what areas can you improve? Share something that saves you time and it might just help someone else!

Winsight Episode 31: #1 Trait for Leaders

leadership traits, leadership development, traits of a leader, 5 categories of leadership


What do you think is the most important trait for great leaders? Charisma, honesty, a strong will? Actually it’s self-awareness. From the outset that doesn’t sound vital, but leaders are not cut from the same cloth so what makes them different is what makes them great.

In this episode you’ll learn the following:

- What Steve Jobs & Walt Disney had in common

- Is there a “prototypical leader?” If so, what does he/she look like?

- What to do you if you don’t know what you’re good at

- What your personal responsibility as a leader is

So what are your strengths? How would you define your style as a leader? Share how being self-aware helps your ability as a leader.

Winsight Episode 30: The Next Dinosaur

toy story disney movie, dinosaur roar, prehistoric, archaic thinking


When referring to dinosaurs thoughts of extinction come to mind. But in this case, the next dinosaur is around, but on life support: it’s communication. I’m not talking about texting, emailing or Facebook messaging, but face-to-face communication. If you don’t believe me, go to the local hangout where teenagers gather and observe them. Most will be in a group, on their smartphones texting, sharing pictures or commenting on someone’s post completely ignoring the fact actual humans are right next to them. If you’re brave enough engage them in a conversation and if you can carry it (without much help from them) for more than 5 minutes, you’ve done well. Of course I’m stereotyping here, but poor communication is a trend that is rapidly growing and will be a thing of the past unless we do our part to reverse it.

In this episode, using Millennials as the subject, we’ll discuss:

What two forms of communication tend to lack in quality

The one thing Millennials need from supervisors in order to improve

How interviews connect to the longevity of an employee

The question one must ask to move forward

What’s been your interaction with Millenials at work? How can you help them moving forward? Please share your thoughts below!

Winsight Episode 29: When Discrimination is a Good Thing

discrimination, prejudice, colored bathrooms, treating people differently, same sex marriage,


The word discrimination conjures up many negative thoughts and images, especially along the lines of prejudice. But what if I told you discriminating is essential for success both in your personal and professional life? How is that possible? Such a powerful concept is used by you and me daily, but we just don’t label it that. Let me give you a few examples.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How time is given to us equally, but how we use it determines everything
  • Why being treated “fairly” sucks
  • What 3 factors reveal your priorities
  • How your golf strategy may be hurting you

So after listening, do you consider yourself discriminatory? Why or why not? 

Winsight Episode 28: Value-Based Decisions

walt disney company, disney values, value based decision making, happiest place on earth


I admit. I’m not great at making money. Does that mean I’m poor? Not necessarily. Does that mean I’m rich? Depends on how you define rich.

All I know is the most valuable currency to me is my time. The ability to control my schedule is what matters because I can prioritize what I spend my time doing. The other night my wife and I had a great conversation about personal and professional goals. I shared with her when I have talks with others, either the same age as me or older, somewhere in our discussion spending time with your kids while they’re young comes up. I thought about how much time I spend with my daughter who recently turned two and it brings a smile to my face.

In this episode hear my personal story of value-based decisions through the following examples:

Staying home vs. working a 9 – 5

The difference between mission/vision statements and actual behaviors

What “lifestyle” really means and how to pursue it

Plan A & Plan B: which one is really better?

What are your core values? Looking at how you spend your time, what do you really value? Please share a value-based decision you make and how it affects those around you.

Winsight Episode 27: Gumby

gumby, pokey, blockheads, cartoon, clay


He was once a little green ball of clay…if you’re too young to recognize that line that’s ok. In fact when I was a kid, Gumby was an old show and we watched reruns of it and it still looked outdated. Gumby was a green character formed out of clay that had adventures with other friends. The reason I bring Gumby up in this episode is because it has leadership implications for you and me.

In this episode you’ll learn the following:

  • What golf and Gumby have in common
  • The balance between listening and overriding
  • The difference between vision and buy-in
  • The leadership model Gumby really exemplifies

How would you rate your leadership ability? How flexible are you when it comes to implementing your vision? Please share your thoughts with us below!