What’s Your ROI?


Return on Investment. Your hear it all the time, but what if the “investment” was you?

What you put in is what you get out. Are you feeling tired? Lacking support? Unfulfilled at work?

If so, your work life balance is at risk. It may not ever be completely balanced because it is a journey, not a destination…but similarly to success, does that mean you stop chasing it?

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Winsight Episode 49: The Need For Change


We tend to be creatures of habit. It’s easier to stick to routines, but change is a good thing.

In this episode about “change” we’ll dive into the following examples:

Who is your favorite sports team? How fluid are they in recruiting for the future? 

A sense of urgency is the first step in change. How well do you embrace change?

In your own life what have you tried new and failed at? What’s worse: trying and failing or living with regret?

One motivation for change is pushing yourself to grow. Be willing to be “uncomfortable” in order to become better.

So how do you embrace change? What’s holding you back? What’s the cost of not changing?

Investing In The Startup Of You


Training and Professional Development has been a “luxury” that’s first to go in the budget for most companies, but are the “savings” really worth it?

Poor performance, stress & lack of engagement are just a few of the negative consequences of neglected employees. For workers in their 30’s and beyond, work life balance becomes a major issue regardless of your position.

Instead of depending on your organization for professional development, why not take personal responsibility for investing in the “startup of you?” If you treat yourself as a business, take the necessary steps to take care of yourself physically, emotionally and mentally. If it’s overwhelming as where to start and how to accomplish work life balance check out this 8 week course I’ve designed to help you!

Winsight Episode 48: Job Search – Position vs. Culture

fortune 100 best companies

When it comes to your next job search what are you looking for: the ideal position or dream company to work with?

Ideal job seems like the obvious choice, but what if you got your dream job, but the environment was toxic?

In this episode, here are some of the highlights:

  • Jeremy Lin chose money over fit since leaving the New York Knicks and it’s been a roller coaster since
  • The Top 100 Companies to work for feature perks such as: flexibility, food, transportation even life coaches…is that enough to sway you?
  • But what do you want? The choice usually is between time vs. money
  • It’s about identifying your priorities and making a decision from there

So what matters to you? Do you want your dream job or ideal company? Don’t compare, just pick based on values and go from there!

Winsight Episode 47: March Madness

March Madness Bracket

Every sports fan loves this time of the year where life stops and 68 teams have the chance to win the NCAA title in a 3 week tournament. Will Kentucky go undefeated? Will Jahlil Okafor go #1 in the Draft? Who is this year’s Cinderella story?

To me, it’s the best event in sports all year and a definite distraction to workplaces for the next couple of weeks. But why the intrigue? Do people love the underdog story? Is it to win your office pool?

In discussing March Madness, these are the highlights that will be covered in this short podcast:

  • The David & Goliath “effect” and why we cheer against the favorite
  • When we see ourself as the “underdog” and want to overcome the “odds”
  • Maybe the reason why we love it so much is the passion we see on player’s faces…
  • In sports the goal is clear, but in life it isn’t that clear

What are you super passionate about? What are you chasing? If you’re not chasing something, what’s holding you back?

Winsight Episode 46: The Need for Rivalries

Rivals make you better


A rivalry is defined as: competition for the same objective or for superiority in the same field

Since we talk about sports examples, here are some of the most heated rivalries: Lakers/Celtics, Yankees/Red Sox, Duke/UNC…

All are emotionally-charged & rooted in tradition and I’m sure you have your favorite rivalry too…

In this episode, I’ll discuss:

  • Who is/was your personal rival? What are you both competing for?
  • One of our main motivators is achievement. We need healthy competition to raise your standards.
  • In “Shark Tank” the investors always ask “who are your competitors?”
  • Your rival(s) push you harder than you can push yourself

Why are rivals necessary? How can your rival push you to achieve more? How can your rivals make you better?


Winsight Episode 45: Ownership, The New Leadership

Follow the Leader


I admit I have a pet peeve about ownership. Most athletes/coaches don’t take enough of it…people aren’t looking for perfection, in fact we live in a very forgiving society as long as you fess up quick

So in this episode I’ll discuss the following points:

  • Everyone loves a comeback story, because we can relate to it
  • Don’t go to your boss with problems, come with solutions
  • Leadership is a double edged sword – do you really want to “hold” it?
  • Taking ownership is the type of leader people want to follow

On a scale of 1-10 how much ownership do you normally take? When you don’t take ownership, what are you trying to protect? Are you a leader who takes ownership?